Just Say No to Soy

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May 29, 2016
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Just Say No to Soy


Just so you know, just say No to Soy. Once known as a pure source of good proteins is now suddenly and critically under question by scientists and the society alike. We hardly have anything in the market that is Soy free and then we hear news that says we better not consume it.

What is all this smoke about? Is Soy really feminizing men? Do we really want this? Men are reporting a decline in body hair growth, engorged and swollen nipples and enlarged breasts. It also messes with their hunger sensitivity and body energy centers. There’s also talk on lack of sexual desire and a reduction in penis size and all of this is getting so common in men and it’s becoming an international consequence globally.

Soy is high in a plant derived hormone similar to estrogen in women and because of it, Soy is causing a hormonal havoc in men. It also abnormally boasts estrogen levels in women which means irregular periods, increased risk of breast cancer and even serve fertility problems. So it doesn’t really make women more women you know…

Though there isn’t enough research to support that it’s harmful for babies but let’s face it, it’s harmful for adults and we are serving it without any hesitation to formula fed infants! Shouldn’t we be careful about this practice at least now?  What are we really feeding our new borns? Birth defect causing proteins? Birth control pill alike foods?

It doesn’t just end here. Did we tell you how much Soy plants rob the soil without giving back? Yes, Soy destroys the planet more than any other known plant species on earth! A little bit of research will uncover this and a lot more to you as well. But to sum it up, regardless of what the government sources say, Soy is No Good. Everything and anything has Soy. Check the Ingredients labels on foods.  Consumption in moderation would be a best way out for those who are addicted to its taste and can’t switch to alternates! Try your best to rid your mind of Soy and the emotional outburst it brings into your energy source and body.

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