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Symbols, veve's, images, pictures, all are the language of the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is what creates this energy all around us. Everything is energy. Energy is everything. This physical body you have is a ball of energy slowed down. Energy is all around us. It's in our items, our emotions and our thoughts. If you have positive thoughts you get positive results. If you have negative thoughts you get negative results. The energy you put in must come out. As within so without. Keeping your mind positive and reassuring yourself that you are God is the healthiest way to consciousness. A Air of knowing is a must in this conscious journey. In Today's world majority of the people out hear believe in something outside of themselves. They feel that giving their energy away is going to set them up for success in this human world. We know better than that. The only energy were supposed to be giving to a God is the God within. Theses God forms are all within us. They reside in us and it's up to us to utilize the power. I know it's against your instincts but don't waste your energy trying to get out of theses restraints. A lot of people feel that they have to be perfect in every aspect to get thru this society. We have to innerstand that our spirit will guide us and take us where we want to go. Feed your spirit symbols, turn your home into an alter, hold on to crystals that bring out that energy and align yourself up and put your spirituality first and then watch the magic happen. The only type of energy you got is the energy you put together in this universe. Just remember ye are Gods. 




LOVE- vibrating from the heart chakra knowing thy self. Loving thy self. 

LIFT- the physical work through rituals, affirmations, Mantras, meditation, study, chakra balancing, fasting and the many many more physically, mentally and emotionally tasks you have to go through on this spiritual journey. Put in the Work. 

LIFE- living out your life's task. Knowing your purpose and following your dreams to the fullest. 


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  • I love the Painting it makes my office pop. Every time I walk in work and see it I'm motivated to be Great!
    Elgin, Illinois
  • My God cards are on point!
    Albany, New York
  • Symbols are the language of the subconscious mind. LLL gave me a plethora of physical symbols to alter my mind and turn my home into a physical representation of who I truly am. Thanks Peace and Love
    Houston, Tx

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